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„We may be bankrupt, but we still have great weather,” Tony had announced, triumphantly, as I headed out. He has a point. Not only the sublime light but three hundred days of cloudless skies and little humidity. 7 Jan. 4Bobwhite Quail Nov. 7 Nov. Avengers: Endgame is the culmination of the past 11 years of the MCU, the 22nd MCU film and second half of Infinity War. The film is released in the UK on April 25 and is one of the most anticipated superhero movies ever. What will the Avengers do post Thanos snap?16:27, 29 AUG 2019Captain AmericaThe Falcon and the Winter Soldier release date, cast, plot for Disney+ seriesThe Falcon and the Winter Soldier are back following the departure of Steve Rogers in Marvel fans spot huge error in epic scene is now out on home release and fans have noticed something about Doctor Strange breaks huge record in Official Film Chart is already the highest grossing film of all time and now it has a whole new recordStan Lee exclusive clip reveals emotional tribute to Stan LeeEXCLUSIVE: Marvel Studios pays tribute to comic book legend Stan Lee in an emotional tribute for the home releaseMarvel ComicsMarvel Studios confirm Disney+ series for Ms Marvel, Moon Knight, She HulkMuslim super heroine Ms Marvel, ghoulish Moon Knight, and fierce She Hulk are all coming to Disney+ deleted scene has fans in tears and many wish it made the final cutAn emotional deleted scene from Marvel’s has left fans wondering why it wasn’t included in the movieSpider Man Far From HomeSpider Man Far From Home ending explained: Where are we left for MCU Phase 4?SPOILERS: Spider Man Far From Home sets up the future of the MCU but what exactly went down?Jeremy RennerBlack Widow movie return ‚revealed’ for Jeremy Renner as HawkeyeBlack Widow will be released in 2020 and it now sounds like we will be seeing Jeremy Renner back as Hawkeye tooSpider Man Far From HomeNew Avengers team ‚confirmed’ by Samuel L Jackson for Phase Four of MCUSpider Man Far From Home is the end of Phase Three, but Samuel L Jackson has revealed that more Avengers are on the way.

I get the Electron hate but it seems it a two part problem.1) Electron needs to be good about sharing memory between multiple electron processes. If I have Slack, VSCode and spotify open, then memory shouldn be tripled.2) Better app development. It is quite possible to make performant electron apps.

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German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s fragile coalition government just got a lot more fragile. A political party allied with her in the state of Bavaria lost its majority in Bavaria’s parliament in an election yesterday. The party, the Christian Social Union, had pretty much ruled Bavaria since the end of World War II, but the refugee crisis in the country fueled the rise of far right, anti immigration parties that gained seats in parliament for the first time.

USB C Docking Station Turns Your Device’s USB C or Thunderbolt 3 Port into a Multiport Workstation:This docking station with power. Expands the potential of your tablet, laptop, Chromebook, MacBook, smartphone or PC’s USB C or Thunderbolt 3 port. Transmits Crystal Clear 4K Video and Digital Audio:To send digital audio and Ultra High Definition video to a 4K ready HDMI or DisplayPort television, projector or monitor, connect the corresponding port to the display using an HDMI or DP cable (sold separately).