1986 Duvalier flees the country after a revolt

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wholesale jerseys The United States occupies Haiti until 1934.1946 Army officers take control of Haiti’s government.1949 Army officers take control of the government again after rioting breaks out.1950 Army officer Paul Magloire is elected president.1956 Magloire resigns after rioting breaks out; the army takes control of the government again.1957 Francois „Papa Doc” Duvalier, a doctor, is elected president.1964 Duvalier declares himself president for life and rules as a dictator.1971 Haiti amends their constitution to allow the president to choose his successor. Duvalier chooses his son, Jean Claude, who is 19.April 1971 After his father dies, Jean Claude „Baby Doc” Duvalier declares himself president for life. He uses a secret police force called „Tontons Macoutes” (bogeymen) to enforce his policies.1986 Duvalier flees the country after a revolt. wholesale jerseys

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